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Tivo Replacement Fan for a Series 4 DVR

If find yourself with a really noisy Tivo Series 4 you’re probably looking at a simple  worn out cooling fan which can easily be swapped out. This Tivo replacement fan is a breeze to install.

tivo-series-4-replacment-fanOne of the quickest ways to ruin your Tivo Series 4 is to ignore a noisy fan. If you are hearing the fan strain then you probally are not getting the proper airflow to your unit. This in turn becomes an issue with overheating.

The good news is that to fix this annoying problem it’s actually quite simple.

I recommend installing the Fractal Design Silent Series R2 50mm Cooling Fan FD-FAN-SSR2-50 It runs about for about $10 including shipping. It’s the perfect Tivo replacement fan considering that the one that Tivo recommends runs about $25.

What you need for the install:
A  Torx T10 to open the Tivo Series 4 cover
Torx T15 to remove the fan assembly from the Tivo.


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