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The Launch of Solar Gravity 3.1

It’s been a long time coming but my new site design is ready for a launch. Welcome to Solar Gravity Studios.

First off for my longtime fans you may notice something new about the site, as in everything. Over the past few weeks I have completely redesigned the blog from the ground up. With trial and error, configuring plugins and tweaking code I think it’s ready for a launch. This new blog is 100% completely responsive and will display on any platform that you choose albeit your mobile, tablet or desktop device. Additionally, I have increased the server capacity and bandwidth which in turn should provide you a better experience than before.

5694795568_b6c6d3162e_oFor my new visitors please excuse the dust while I populate the site again with articles and content from the previous incarnation. Some of the content I will discard but the majority of it will transfer over. The exciting part of all of this is that for 2014 I have an epic year planned for articles and content. More about this to come. In the meantime here is a little about who I am.

My name is Erik and I call myself a professional motion graphics artist but my passions run deep for photographyvideoweb designgraphics and online marketing including the technology that powers them.

I have been a professional in my creative field for over 18 years and I’ve been honored to have worked in all aspects of creative design for some of the top companies in the country via my various employers and also as a freelancer.

My skills sets are in 3D animation and video motion design which ultimately enhances my web design and marketing outlets.

SolarGravity.com is my blog where you can see my creative work and at the same time see content that I create that may help you discover something new. It’s a functional portfolio that showcases a small sampling of chosen work from my previous employers and freelance work but there is a large amount that I can’t publicly showcase due to profession agreements and confidentiality. Nevertheless, you should find the portfolio that I have posted will provide you a good glimpse into the window of my creativity.

My creative services are for hire and I welcome any and all quotes for work.

About Erik Sacino

Erik Sacino is a motion artist, photographer, blogger, web designer, RC Heli pilot, author, science fanatic, tech head and marketing addict who lives in upstate NY.

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