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Aerial Photography Early Spring 2014

Here is another photo that I captured from above our property with my quadcopter hovering around 385 feet and facing south. This day the clouds were posing for me with some flair and color.

In the distance, directly center, you can see the Helderberg Escarpment within the John Boyd Thacher State Park. To the left, which you really can’t see in this photo, is the city of Albany. The full resolution version of this image shows Albany a little sharper. If you scan to the right you can spot the northern peaks of the Catskill Mountains including Windham and Hunter Mountain.

Mind you that our house sits at about 1100 feet above sea level, so for the region our elevation contributes to the distance I can capture.

Additionally, a really powerful and much appreciated feature of my stabilized mounted camera is the ability to simultaneously record HD video and take 12 mp photos.

Nevertheless, as the weather clears and we actually get a consecutive grouping of clear sunny skies you can expect some videos to follow.

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